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Asset Respositioning

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Since 2013, Vizion Driven Communities has been working with housing authorities across the southeast as they convert their portfolios to RAD. We have worked with PHAs through both PBV and PBRA conversions. We are experienced in everything from preservation-only, also known as PHA funds-only, conversions as well as full redevelopment conversions including both 4% and 9% LIHTC. VDC has submitted RAD applications on behalf of over twenty housing authorities. We have a proven track record with our housing authority partners all the way through closing and we can be counted on to be there after a PHA receives its HAP contract to address any post-closing matters that may arise.

VDC can provide insight and guidance for individual PHA portfolios to identify the best strategic Asset Repositioning opportunity. The Section 22 program as well as other streamline options are on the table for PHAs to consider as an alternative to RAD.

To send us an RFP or RFQ, please contact us at

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